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My Daddy named me Antoinette, but he raised me as his little “Andy.” Yeah…it turned out to be quite the cute name for a hot little freckled ginger with a love for intimacy that started in High School. I was a good girl…sort of, but I had my share of wet panties under the bleachers, the byproducts of makeout sessions that left some lucky boy…or girl…with sticky fingers.

I’ll never forget the first time I tasted handjob cum to see what it was like. My mark was long-gone — trying desperately to get his rod to lower before someone noticed — and there I was…mesmerized by the milky warm gob making its way down my thumb towards the palm of the hand I had just used to extract it.

I licked it and heard myself make an audible “mmmm” sound. It was amazing. Since that moment I’ve always known that sex — and cum — would be a major part of my life.

I carried my cutesy little name and that steamy little ass all through college, learning to use it not only for my own pleasure but also to get a free 4.0-grade point average. What’s great about that is…only half of my professors were men.

College was more of a four-year sex-fest for me than a place to actually learn, but still, I studied enough to make my grades seem believable. When I got out, I became the best-educated, and possibly the hottest, flight attendant of all time. I abandoned what little I knew about life and instead took a rotating schedule with two different airlines that assured I would be in a hotel in a different city every night…forever.

A nymphomaniac is born.

One night in Denver it was snowing. Everything was shut down. The roads were closed. I decided to use this new “smartphone” I had bought to see if I could entertain myself. That was when I found Tinder. Here it was, 2013, in the middle of a blizzard at 3 AM. I had barely a bar of service and within an hour a local hottie was at my hotel — he came by snowmobile — with a bottle of wine, some homemade tacos, and a smoldering bod I ravaged for hours.

This little ginger was hooked, and Tinder Toni was born. I hope you enjoy reading my whorish little adventures as much as I enjoy having them.


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